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My name is Iridian & I'm the photographer behind all this ishhh.

I'm from a beautiful place in Mexico called Monterrey N.L. If you look it up, It's literally a city surrounded by mountains, sorta like Colorado! Ya girl however was raised in Garner, NC from the age of 2, and for the past 9 years I've lived in good'ol Fuquay which is where I met the love of my life Ricardo or Rico (aka the cutie in the pic with me.) I'm 24, going on 25 in July, where my Leos at? I love the mountains, city, and oh yes the beach gurl, you can literally take me anywhere and i'll be happy as hell. I love riding with my windows down, blasting some Bad Bunny (iykyk) or any vibey alternative music, but like I said i'm a girl of many taste so i'll jam to anything and the best part is, I'm always down for everything :) so if you're ready to adventure so am I!

 Yes, I'm guilty...... I'm one of those who also loved taking pictures ever since I picked up my first digital camera back in 06', but ya really wanna know how I got into the good stuff? It was all Rico, the person who pushed me and gave me my legit first camera, a Rebel T6. Literally Christmas 2016, he said "I know you love taking photos, you always talk about how much you want to learn, so here you go, now get to it." That's where my true love for photography began, I started shooting absolutely everything I could, starting with my bird Mango lol, and NO, I wasn't always this good. My pictures and editing looked like shit at first, but that's how I learned. I got the hang of settings, editing, and guiding real life people lol, and yes it was hard and discouraging at first and still can be now during slow season but I wouldn't trade this for anything. I love hanging out with my couples, helping you feel comfortable in front of the camera,  I love showing you its okay to let go, to not care if your hair is in perfect place, if you look silly or uncomposed. I assure you, you'll love the candids and creative poses way more than all that traditional ish!  

The real story about how I got into photography.



Malibu with pineapple 


The Vampire Diaries

Honestly, probably eating


Bad Bunny 

I    just can't wait to meet you












just a few of my favorite things

I graduated school in 2016, immediately jumped into working as a receptionist at an immigration law firm, left that position to start school at Paul Mitchell, and now I'm currently in the last few months of hair school, and working as front desk coordinator at a lovely hair salon in Cary. Your girl loves staying busy doing all the creative things! Whats next? No idea, but def more sessions, weddings, and hair thangs lol. 

I wasn't always an awesome photographer

A few of my favorite thangs


My sisters!! Meet my group of girls, theres never a dull moment when we're all together lol.


 Spending time with my other half.

Traveling to National Parks and road tripping in the middle of no where!



Lets make MAGIC together


Almost there!

If you only wish to get emails for all important info let me know, I love traveling and will be sharing travel dates as they come, if you've been wanting to book that travel session this will be your time because all travel fees are on me!